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Other Accessories

90000117    Caliper made of stainless steel in high quality, DIN 862 and higher;Dimensions: 240 mm x 75 mm

90000127    steel rule made of stainless steel; 300 mm lg. for mm and inches

90000129   Tape measure, 3 m, with inside measure, spirit level and compass

90000101    JA - Gas flow meter for precise gas flow determination at the burner outlet or with forming gas 0 - 50 liters / min..

90000115    JA - zero point stamp 8 mm character height, notch-free

 90000110    Pocket magnifier, magnification 3 x, 6 x, 9 x


90000109     JA- finger lamp made of stainless steel with light bulbto illuminate the welding joints (without batteries); Ø 16.5 mm x 138 mm; 0.057 kg / piece. 

Annotation:There is no light source that produces a spectrum that is more similar to sunlight than a light bulb.As a temperature radiator, it has a quasi-continuous spectrum.
Best color rendering, especially when checking start-up colorsThis is why the light quality of light bulbs can emit a continuous full color spectrum similar to sunlight and achieve the highest color rendering index of Ra 100, which cannot be achieved by compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
90000109A = replacement bulb 2.2V 0.4A; 90000109B = 2 pieces. Batteries (Mignon)


 90000112     JA - Telescopic magnet with ballpoint pen, approx. 130 mm - 900 mm long x Ø 8 mm


90000143    Ø 16 mm JA - telescopic mirror with ballpoint pen, mirror exchangeable, extendable, 180 mm - 900 mm
90000140    Ø 22 mm JA - telescopic mirror with ballpoint pen, exchangeable mirror, extendable, 185 mm - 900 mm
90000141    Ø 30 mm JA - telescopic mirror with ballpoint pen, mirror exchangeable, extendable, 180 mm - 900 mm
90000142    Ø 50 mm JA - telescopic mirror with ballpoint pen, mirror exchangeable, extendable, 210 mm - 900 mm


J0412604    JA - case with insert and intermediate layer (Universal) ca. Außen 550 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm,                     inside 540 x 390 x 185 mm  2,80 kg )
90000130    JA - case with insert and intermediate layer (service case) approx. Outside 470 mm x 360 mm x 160 mm, inside 445 x 310 x 110 mm 2.83 kg)
JA - case with foam insert (O2 measuring device) (approx. Outside 400 mm x 320 mm x 160 mm, inside 370 x 265 x 140 mm 2.12 kg)
JA - case with foam insert (internal control device) (approx.outside 370 mm x 280 mm x 130 mm, inside 350 x 260 x 100 mm 1.46 kg)
J0412603    JA - Case with foam insert for TIG parts (approx. 230 mm x 200 mm x 75 mm, 0.3 kg)


90000120    JA - Leather - protective mirror with notepad and pen; Glasses A9, dimensions 175 x 90 x 3 mm, 0.122 kg

900000128    safety glasses; Safety goggles; Rimless metal glasses with spring hinges on the temples, optimal                                                  eye coverage, anatomically adjustable, soft nose pads


All measuring devices can be delivered calibrated on request for an additional charge!

Note on handling batteries !
Battery law:
We point out that you can return batteries or rechargeable batteries to us after use. We are obliged to inform you that end users are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can also throw the batteries into the collection bins at the sales outlets in your immediate vicinity after use or hand them in free of charge at municipal collection points. If batteries are sent to us, please post sufficient postage on the package.
Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked. The symbol of a crossed-out garbage can is attached to them.
In addition, there are notes attached to the garbage can symbol which pollutants are contained in the battery or accumulator: mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb). You have to return these batteries. Regardless of the legal obligation, we ask you not to dispose of batteries or accumulators in the household waste for the sake of the environment.

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