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Digital measurement technology

90000111    time stop watch; 1/100 second display; Display of hours, minutes, seconds, date, weekday, 12/24 hour display; ; Intermediate time recording; Alarm function; Rubberized plastic housing; Splashproof; Hanging cord; Easy battery change; Dimension: 65mm x 78mm x 20mm;Weight: 0.051 kg

90000100    Digital clamp meter "PT1625" with True RMS + bar graph, 3 3/4-digit;for direct and alternating current voltage alternating current: 1000 A, direct current: 1000 A, temperature meas. (- 40 ° C - 1000 ° C) possible. This professional clamp meter can measure currents without contact and has a robust, break-proof, fire-proof and ergonomically shaped housing with molded rubber protection. The teardrop-shaped clamping jaws facilitate use in industrial and commercial environments or in hard-to-reach places.
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90000139    Second thermometer "PT 5110" -50 to 1300 ° C, (without sensor)This handy single-channel temperature measuring device for type K thermocouples with a large 3½-digit, illuminated LCD display and various measuring functions such as maximum value and data hold can be used universally in the areas of education, cold and air conditioning, food production / storage, agriculture, chemistry and Industry.
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9000A139    Support sensor TF-40 up to max. 700 ° C (sensor length 162 mm, cable length 175mm), suitable for second thermometer 90000139 or digital clamp meter 90000100..

90000137    IR thermometer "PT 4955" (with USB and SD); ~ -50… + 2200 ° C ~ 50: 1 ~ with TFT display, video, photo and data loggerProfessional "5 in 1" environmental video measuring device with dual laser for exact target area determination for fast, precise and contactless surface temperature measurements. An additional type K measuring input is available on the device for direct contact measurements or differential measurements of surfaces. The integrated photo function shows the measured object with a superimposed temperature and other measurement data such as humidity and dew point temperature and can be saved in the internal memory or on a microSD card. Integrated data logger saves all measured values ​​which can be evaluated and processed on the PC. Ideal for documentation of important measurements in the industrial sector, electrical engineering, maintenance and service work, quality assurance, construction and energy consulting.
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90000118d  Digital weld seam gauge made of stainless steel; for measuring the A dimension and seam elevation and checking the V seam (for 60 ° / 70 ° / 80 ° / 90 °); Measuring range 0-20 mm; Dimension: 110mm x 60mm x 14mm; 0.089 kg



All measuring devices can be delivered calibrated on request for an additional charge!

Note on handling batteries !
Battery law:
We point out that you can return batteries or rechargeable batteries to us after use. We are obliged to inform you that end users are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can also throw the batteries into the collection bins at the sales outlets in your immediate vicinity after use or hand them in free of charge at municipal collection points. If batteries are sent to us, please post sufficient postage on the package.
Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked. The symbol of a crossed-out garbage can is attached to them.
In addition, there are notes attached to the garbage can symbol which pollutants are contained in the battery or accumulator: mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb). You have to return these batteries. Regardless of the legal obligation, we ask you not to dispose of batteries or accumulators in the household waste for the sake of the environment.

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