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Industriebedarf und Schweißtechnik

JA - Aluminium Overing Tape


Self-adhesive with temperature-resistant adhesive.
Pure aluminum foil, shiny silver, flame retardant.
As liner serves a recyclability paper strip which facilitates the unwinding of Aluminium Overing Tape.

Width 25 mm 33 mm 50 mm           100 mm
PU 4 pcs. 3 pcs. 2 pcs. 1 pcs.



Physical Features
Thickness( aluminium foil ) 0,1 mm corresponds to 100 μ

max. short time > 200°C

Steam Diffusion Resistant:
steam leakproof









Minimum order in all dimensions is a packing unit (PU) !

Application in welding technology
The Aluminum Overing Tape is used to seal and to avoid leakage of the forming gas, which is located in the interior of these components, gaps between components to be welded. As needed, the glued Aluminum Overing Tape is lifted to make a tack welding, then the adhesive tape can be pressed and used again.

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