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JA - Spannfix

JA Spannfix

Application:  For hand grinding tungsten electrodes


  • Easily grinding of tungsten electrodes
  • Prevention of accidents during grinding
  • Allows to grind extremely short electrodes
  • Cost reduction
  • For Signing and Scribing
  • Stockage storage up to 20 electrodes
  • Always close at hand


Available in two sizes!

90001085  Size I, 85 mm storage length (0,08 kg/Stck.)

90002175  Size II, 175 mm storage length (0,11 kg/Stck.)

Collets for following diameters: Ø 1,0 / Ø 1,6 / Ø 2,4 / Ø 3,2 mm

Standard-Assembly for Ø 1,6 / Ø 2,4 und Ø 3,2 mm, other electrode diameter please indicate !


Spare Parts for Spannfix


 N2703300 Adjusting nut for Spannfix
 N2703210 Spannfix insert for electrodes Ø 1,0 mm
 N2703216 Spannfix insert for electrodes Ø 1,6 mm
 N2703224 Spannfix insert for electrodes Ø 2,4 mm
 N2703232 Spannfix insert for electrodes Ø 3,2 mm
 90001000 Clip for Spannfix
 90001001 Cap for Spannfix
 90001002 Top spike ( Socket for Spannfix insert )
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