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 Type 2
Internal Alignment device

with clamping wedges. Fast, safe and accurate centering and clamping of flanges, nozzles, rings etc. on pipes and cylindrical containers in a single operation. With storage space for smooth flange. Automatic diameter compensation even extremely different diameters. To avoid electrolytic corrosion, clamping wedges selectively from VA, AL, CU (prices on request).

Stainless steel
SizeClamping rangeWeight
2004E 004 15-19 mm 0,20 kg
2003E 003 16-20 mm 0,25 kg
2002E 002 19-25 mm 0,30 kg
2001E 001 24-32 mm 0,50 kg
201E 01 31-40 mm 0,50 kg
20E 0 38-52 mm 1,30 kg
200E 00 51-64 mm 1,35 kg

Type 4

Internal Alignment device

Fast, safe and precise centering and clamping right from the start
from Flanges, nozzles, rings etc. on pipes and cylindrical containers.
With storage space for smooth flanges. More automatic Diameter compensation
also extremely different diameters. Without any additional Adjustment,
in one operation, with one movement, without helpers, without
Intermediate checks. Centering takes place from the inside. The weld is
always accessible.
Order-Nr. Stainl. SteelSizeClamping rangeWeight
41EE 1/e 54-140 mm 1,30 kg
42EE 2/e 85-220 mm 3,90 kg
43EE 3/e 120-350 mm 11,65 kg
44EE 4/e 180-520 mm 27,00 kg
44ESE 4/e//s 400-940 mm 39,00 kg












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